Can you sing? Are you funny? Do you write your own poetry? Open Mic nights are looking for you!

All you need is the confidence to get up in front of a microphone at your local open mic night, and entertain the people. My singer/songwriter son, Ethan James, has recently begun hosting a new open mic night at Icons Sports Bar and Grille in New Fairfield on Tuesday nights. If you're aching to get out there and start performing, here are some establishments that offer you the opportunity thanks to

1. Widow Brown's Cafe (Sunday) - 128 Federal Road, Danbury                                        **one of the best in the area

2. Billy Bean's Cafe and Pub (Tuesday) - 80 White Street, Danbury

3. Fast Eddie's Billiards Cafe (Thursday) - 46 Old State Road(Rt. 7), New Milford

4. The Eleven Bar and Grille (Thursday) - 173 Rubber Ave., Naugatuck

5. The Waterville Bar & Grille (Thursday) - 790 Waterville St., Waterbury

6. Mohansic Grille and Lounge (Thursday) - 1500 Baldwin Rd. Yorktown Heights,

7. Cafe Plus (Tuesday) - 90 Huntington St. Shelton

8. The Black Duck (Thursday) - 605 Riverside Ave. Westport

9. The All-American Valley General Store (Wednesday) - 16 Bank St. Seymour

10. 69 Sports Lounge (Thursday) - 1071 Wolcott St. Waterbury

If you're a singer, bring along your instrument. If you're a comic, bring along your comedy routine. Check with the venue first to find out what time open mic starts, and what time you need to be there to sign up. If you have friends and family members who enjoy your talent, ask them to attend to lend their support. Now, get out there and show everyone what you can do!