The Village Center for the Arts in New Milford is looking to the local community to help them keep their home.

After 17 years in New Milford, and 11 years in the same building on Main Street, the Village Center for the Arts is in jeopardy of having their building sold, threatening the entire arts program.

Sharon Kaufman, one of the co-founders of the Village Center for the Arts had this to say on the Center's go fund me campaign:

We must decide whether to:

Buy the building
Hope another buyer allows us to remain, or...
Find a new location

Regardless, one thing is certain: VCA needs funds to cover the costs associated with evaluating the purchase of the property (appraisal, legal fees, down-payment and repairs) or... potential moving costs, and funds to help repair the/a building when we buy , OR to pay a large monthly rental if someone else buys the building and allows us to stay.

Any case, we're NOT CLOSING!  But we need help to move to the chapter in our story...

The organization has set up the go fund me page to try and raise the funds so they can keep the program alive and well.

Jayson Roberts, one of the other VCA co-founders said, "We're looking for funds to either stay in our location or find another building to rent. We just want to keep the programs alive here. This building is synonymous with VCA here in New Milford".

You can help save the Village Center for the Arts by dropping off checks or mail checks or money orders to:

Village Center for the Arts, 12 Main St. New Milford, CT 06776   (Note: Save VCA)    

All donations are tax deductible, as VCA is a 501c3.

VCA did issue the following statement....

We know with YOUR support we will weather this storm, and be here for many years to come.

Thank You in advance from all of us at Village Center for the Arts

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