We got the call that kicked off our summer! The New Fairfield Town Park docks are opened for business!

After that nasty tornado ripped through New Fairfield in May, the winds were so intense that they damaged the 5,000-pound blocks that were underwater holding the Town Park docks in place so the docks were in lockdown until Thursday, June 14.

When Mindy and I got the call from New Fairfield Park and Rec that repairs were completed and we were good to go, GO we did directly to Down the Hatch for a Gin & Tonic and a Seafood Salad that was spectacular!

Down the Hatch - Mindy & Ethan Photo

There's nothing like cruisin' Candlewood Lake with my girl even though it took her five tries to successfully maneuver it into our dock slip.

Mindy Loves Summer on the Pontoon!
Candlewood Lake June 14, '2018