Talking with your imaginary ghost friend that only you can see over dinner would make quite a story to tell your grandchildren.

According to Connecticut Magazine, there are some legendary Connecticut restaurants that offer a bit more than just great food and service. Let's begin our mini-tour of some of Connecticut's allegedly haunted restaurants.

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    The Curtis House Inn - Woodbury

    According to Connecticut Magazine, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey had a brief altercation with a spirit named Betty who is said to haunt Room 16 at the Curtis House Inn, which is the "Oldest Inn in Connecticut" and supposedly the most haunted. An episode for Hotel Hell was filmed there with Chef Ramsey who ended up upgrading the decor, service, and the dining. Try the fried chicken!

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    The Twisted Vine Restaurant - Derby

    The Twisted Vine is supposedly home to a couple of departed souls. One being the ghost of a young girl that's been actually seen by patrons, and the other is the spirit of Edward N. Shelton, the founder of the Old Birmingham Bank, which is what the Twisted Vine used to be.

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    Abigail's Grille and Wine Bar - Simsbury

    Built during the American Revolution, Abigail's has been welcoming guests for two hundred years. The inn claims to have hosted George Washington, John Adams, and Ethan Allen, among others. The story's been told that Abigail Pettibone was murdered by her sea captain husband after he caught her boinking another man and is now doomed to roam the inn for eternity.

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    The Yankee Pedlar Inn - Torrington

    The Yankee Pedlar is rumored to be haunted by several spirits, one being the former owner, Alice Conley, in Room 353. Guests claim they've actually felt Alice's spirit and have seen her favorite rocking chair rocking by itself in the lobby. Other patrons say that they've experienced "weird goings on" in Room 295, and some say they've seen Alice's husband Frank in the pub. Some of you might remember the horror film The Innkeepers was filmed there in 2012.

  • Ryder's on Main - Meriden

    The bar at Ryder's was featured on an episode of Discovery Channel's series American Haunting.