We received this e-mail from a listener, Carly, who lives in Carmel. It seems that she's got an issue with a guy that she had dinner with, who doggie-bagged her leftovers and took them home.

Here's her story:

I don't typically do dinner on the first date, but last night I made an exception and met the guy a restaurant.

It ended up going pretty well though . . . it was a nice place, we clicked, and he insisted on paying.

But when it was time to clear the food, he asked them to doggy bag BOTH our leftovers . . . even though I didn't want mine.  I thought it might be weird on a first date.

At first I thought he was going to insist I take mine home . . . but then he took them BOTH home.  And he made an awkward joke about how he'd paid, after all.

Does that mean this guys has, like, NO money for food, and is living off leftovers?  Was it weird for him to take my food?  Or was he just being thrifty?

Carly from Carmel, N.Y.

Liz and I both agreed to disagree. I figured, since the food was already bought and paid for, it was his once she relinquished control of it. Liz, on the other hand, said it was weird that he would take both leftovers, and that the food belonged to her, even though she didn't want it.

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