Carrie Underwood sang “Blown Away” and “Two Black Cadillacs" at the 2013 Grammy Awards, but all anyone was talking about after the show was that dress! The silver gown was rather ordinary for an awards show ... until it lit up like a movie screen.

Underwood’s 2013 Grammys dress was made of a material that can be projected onto, which is how it lit up. The singer says everything had to line up just right, so she couldn’t move. “I had to stand in the exact same place,” she explained at the time. “I was actually barefoot on apple boxes.”

It took two minutes before the dress began to illuminate. At first it was only a few blue swirls, but slowly that turned into a full galaxy of starlight. Shocks of purple and white streamed over the bottom of the gown before red roses began to bloom like spring was in fast motion. Yellow butterflies seemingly flew from Underwood's gown as "Blown Away" wrapped up. The Grammy audience was stunned.

“I never sing barefoot and it felt really weird,” Underwood said later. “But they were nice enough to put those little Dr. Scholl’s [insoles] underneath my feet so it … felt good, kind of cool.”

For some, the dress was the least impressive of two fashion pieces she wore during the broadcast. Underwood walked the red carpet wearing a Johnathon Andt oval, pear, marquise and white diamond necklace. The 381-carat bobble was valued at $31 million. That’s going to be tough to top in 2016.

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