Carrie Underwood debuted her new single, “Church Bells” with a live performance at the American Country Music Awards on Sunday night, April 3. Dressed in a short black and silver one-shoulder mini dress, which showed off her extremely toned physique, she wowed the crowd gathered at the MGM in Las Vegas. This is her fourth and latest single from the album “Storyteller.”

The song is about a woman named Jenny who is married to a rich but abusive man. We quickly find out that Jenny decides to take the law into her own hands.

Jenny slipped something in his Tennessee whiskey,

no law man was ever gonna find.

And how he died is still a mystery,

But he hit a woman for the very last time.

I had no doubt that this song would immediately climb the charts. It seems that everything that Carrie touches turns to gold. It amazes me that if not for American Idol, we may not have ever heard of Carrie Underwood.

This week, we add Carrie’s new song. Tell us what you think about it.

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