It's with such a heavy heart that I write this after covering Casey and her mom, Susan's journey over the summer.

The name Casey Ellis may not ring a bell with you, nor may her mom's, Susan Clapp Meyers. Perhaps though, you followed the journey and determination that Casey put into a blog she started titled Transplant Needed: Susie's Story, seeking a liver donor for her mom who was in dire need.

I wrote about Susan for the first time on June 2, 2016 as the situation was desperate.

Because Casey never gave up searching for a donor and keeping her mom's story out there, I happily wrote a follow up blog on July 12 titled : Miracles Do Happen - Bethel Woman's Life Saved With Liver Transplant.

Four and a half months later, the family of Casey Ellis has lost their shinning star.

It breaks my heart to share this story from, in Texas. Officials say 21-year-old Casey Ellis of Bethel rode a bicycle into an intersection in Abilene Texas last Wednesday night when she was struck and killed by a car. The article says Casey was wearing a helmet, however the car did have the right of way. As of late last week the crash was still under investigation, but no charges have been filed against the driver.

Casey Ellis was a student at Abilene Christian University. Casey Ellis was a beautiful soul her fought tirelessly to save her mom's life. Though I have never met either of them, I considered it an honor to share Casey's blog and Susan's story. This young women was taken from her family and friends too soon, but their faith is strong, and Casey's legacy is vast. May she Rest in Peace.