Since it's Feline Friday, let me tag another cat-related video onto my last post.

Here is a song that we won't be adding into the regular playlist on KICKS 105.5, but I am so sure that cat lovers everywhere will be calling radio stations across the country to get their request played.

Here at KICKS 105.5, we pride ourselves with playing the best country music, but this song has it's very own genre, one that I am actually not quite sure how to cat-agorize. Perhaps it really is in just a class all by itself.

Yesterday, I wrote an article about how you do not want to add certain things to your profile if you are considering on-line dating. Debbie, who is featured below, is the star of that video. If you haven't seen it, you should. But for now, take a listen to a very special cat-loving song. It goes something like this:

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