Hold on to your tackle box, it turns out Country Star Chris Janson, the man behind the hit song "Buy Me a Boat" isn't interested in owning a watercraft after all.

"Buy Me a Boat"has definitely changed Chris Janson's life.  It's his first #1 record . . . and it's putting butts in the seats at his shows.  So here's an odd twist:  He's not into boats.

He says, "It's interesting [that it's] my first hit single, 'cause I'm not really like a boat-ey guy.  I guess 'cause I really don't have time to do it.  I was working before I had this hit.  I'm working even more now. "Maybe someday when I retire I'll have time . . . and just sit back and relax.  'Cause I think it would be fun to have a nice pontoon."

One more thing you may be interested in knowing. They threw Chris a party to celebrate the song hitting #1.  When it was his turn to talk, he reflected on the hard work that got him there.  Quote, "Dreams come true, man.  You just put the work in and it happens.  It's my 10th year in Nashville.  And it's an emotional day too.  It's all I've ever really wanted.  This is the first #1 party I've ever been to."


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