I don't have to tell you that Social Media is filled with trolls, and that can really get to a performer. Especially all the nasty stuff that some people tweet.

Well, leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to not only feature some of these mean tweets, but to have the artist or group that the tweets are about read them aloud on national television. Talk about "courage under fire."

Some of these tweets really shred some of these country stars, but none of them seem to be bothered by them. Of course, I bet they see things like this all the time, and yeah, it can probably be a little bothersome, but instead of wasting energy worrying about what others think, they direct and channel that energy into laughter.

So once again, right after the CMAs, it was a country-themed Jimmy Kimmel Live, with a new round of  “Mean Tweets – Country Music Edition”.

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