Yesterday was my birthday. As a woman, no one wants to add numbers anymore. But, forget the numbers, who the heck wants to look into the mirror and see lines and wrinkles? AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  NO!!!!!

There are so many creams, procedures, lotions, can make you crazy. One night, as I was about to apply yet another night cream, I thought, "what about coconut oil?" I had read so much about it's benefits and happened to have some organic coconut oil right there so I tried it. I opened the jar, put some into my hands and rubbed together to melt it. I spread some on my face, arms, legs, even into my hair. I went to bed and my sleeping hubby wakes up and tells me that I smell like a frozen tropical drink. Hey, things could be worse.

I did this for a few nights and I will tell you that I truly feel that it has made a difference. It has certainly made a difference in my wallet because it is not even close to what a good skin cream or lotion costs. I researched a little more and there is even more that you can do with coconut oil and I will bring you my findings in the days to come. Right now, I have this crazy craving for a pina colada. In the meantime, if you have tried coconut oil, let me know what it's done for you. I'd love to add you to the next article. You can leave a comment below or click the link and email me:

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