Who needs kids on a sugar high? Connecticut just moved one step closer to saying no.

I personally have no problem with some sugary delicious things, but in moderation. As an adult, I can try my best to control myself. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that what we learn in regards to healthy eating habits when we are kids can impact the rest of our lives.

In a story yesterday from WFSB.com, the Committee on Children introduced an act to the Connecticut General Assembly that would ban sugary drinks for infants in Connecticut day care centers. Thankfully, the bill was approved by the legislature's Education Committee yesterday, and now advances to the full House for further consideration.

It may be seen as a small act, but I think every and any measure that we can take to start our children on the right path of positive eating habits is a good one. Childhood obesity is a real struggle in our country and shouldn't be.