Every day, police officers put their lives on the line. They should be protected in any and every way possible. Don't you think all K9 officers deserve the same?

Without question, protecting our police officers should be the top of the list for every municipality across the country. The cost is often prohibitive. It stands to reason that the many canines that lay their lives down as K9 officers should also be protected. But, the cost of that is also sky high.

Thankfully though, at least one more dedicated dog is getting a protective vest in Connecticut. In a press release from the Ct.gov website, K9 Officer, Asher, is being protected with a vest as he helps fight crime during patrols. This thousand-dollar vest was donated by the wonderful Wagging Tails Pet Sitting and Mobile Grooming organization.

All animal lovers should know about an incredible organization called Vested Interest in K9s. Vik9s.org, helps to provide vests for K9 officers. Visit the Vik9s.org site to find out how you can donate to this worthy cause.