People, it is serious, and the state wants to keep you aware.

Do you have travel plans for the summer? Do they include going out of the country? Most importantly, is a family in your future? The state of Connecticut is taking another step to keep people aware of the dangers of the Zika Virus.

Governor Malloy issued a press release at outlining the plan. Connecticut officials are looking to warn residents about traveling to locations where the Zika virus is active. The state is launching a Zika education and warning campaign at Bradley International Airport as the summer travel season heats up. The Governor had this to say in the press release.

We continue to remain vigilant.  That's why our agencies are working so closely together on this critical issue.  We want everyone to enjoy their summer travels and have fun vacations, but we also want to make sure travelers remain educated on Zika and do what they can to avoid harm. It's our obligation to protect residents, and this information outreach campaign is another proactive effort.


Posters are being placed on the jet bridges at the airport, targeting flights to Puerto Rico and other airports on the away to the Caribbean.


By all means, enjoy your travel, but be educated, and stay safe.