I'm already bewildered every day by the stupidity of drivers, and I know I'm not alone in that. Connecticut State Troopers want you to pay attention.

I commute 106 miles round-trip every day to the radio station. Ninety percent of my drive is on I84. I see a lot of crazy things that drivers do to get in, out, and around traffic. What most frequently makes me shake my head is when I don't see drivers moving over for police or work crews doing their job on the side of the road. Do you not know that Connecticut has a "Move Over" law? Well you should, because not only can you save a life, but you'll pay a hefty fine if you don't obey the law.

In a story from WFSB.com, Connecticut State Troopers say they are very serious about enforcing the "move over" law. Fines start at $181.00 for not moving into another lane when approaching road work teams, emergency services, or law enforcement personnel doing their jobs on any given state highway. Beware. Starting the end of February through the first week in March, Connecticut troopers will be citing any driver they catch not moving over.

Aside from it just being common sense and courtesy, consider this your warning.