Once again, I have scoured the depths of Craigslist in Connecticut and brought you, what I thought, were some fun posts for you to enjoy.

If you find any of these interesting or helpful feel free to contact them, or have some fun and search on your own and see what you can find. Its fun to see what people are willing to post on the internet.

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    Old Trophies

    Feeling down? Relive your glory days by picking up these awesome trophies that you had no part in earning. Call up this guy, and take home some trophies from people you don't know, teams you've never seen play, and for something you didn't earn. But hey, you got a trophy.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    Vacuum Accessories

    Not a vacuum, but the pieces to it if you want to do a thorough cleaning. If you want the full package, I suggest searching through the rest of Craigslist for the vacuum.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    Christmas Trees

    Get a jump start on your Christmas Tree shopping for this year with a free Christmas Tree. Set it up in the corner, and have it ready to go all year round. Don't worry, you wont forget about it and it wont be dead by March.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    I don't know much about typewriters, but I think we have things called computers and printers now -- that's just me though. Could be a cool art piece though, if you're into antiques. Show this to someone born before the mid 1980s and watch them guess what it is.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    Free Mattress

    As long as people post mattresses, I will tell you about them because they are my favorite thing on Craigslist. Like I've said, my favorite thing to see on Craigslist, because you can always play "name that stain" and when you guess "right", everyone loses.

    Credit: Craigslist