is calling for frequent storms and above normal snowfall for the northeast this winter.

C'mon everybody, lighten up! You've experienced New England weather. You never know when the weather's gonna throw you a slow curve. What does Accuweather know anyway? How many times did they screw up the forecast through the spring and summer of 2016? Don't we know that New England meteorologists are just trying to freak us out? Maybe their being payed off by the snow removal lobby! It's my responsibility to inform you what the professional weather prognosticators are saying about the winter of 2016-2017.

First, the bad news. Jillian MacMath, an staff writer and meteorologist comes right out of the gate with this prediction:

It will feel like an extended winter for the people of the northern plains to the eastern U.S. as cold and snowy conditions extend into the spring of 2017."

She goes on to say:

Frequent storms across the northeast this winter may lead to an above average season for snowfall.

My question is, do I keep my plow guy or do I go out and buy a snowblower, based on Accuweather's predictions? Just for the hell of it, let's find out what The Farmer's Almanac had to say. The general long-term forecast is calling for below-normal snowfall, BUT the exception is the northern portion of the country, which will be blanketed in white. But wait, there's more! More specifically, the Olde Farmer's Almanac is predicting above-normal snowfall from southern New England and western New York through the southern Appalachians.

There you have it, New England -- big surprise -- it's going to snow, but we'll see more of it this winter than last. Let the bitching and moaning begin. People, New England is the "Winter Wonderland" capital of the United States! Deal with it. So, you never answered my question, plow guy or snow blower?

Credit: Getty Images