Yes, the hell ride just got worse.

The picture is deceiving. I took it early afternoon when I wasn't behind the wheel. I'd take one in the morning of the bumper to bumper backup, but I'm driving, and I don't want to rear end anyone.

Construction on I-84 east near the Route 72 interchange in Plainville started a while back, but the big change got underway this week. The Department of Transportation said two lanes of traffic that once shifted right, will be now shifted to the left. Delays are to be expected with, of course, lane closures and detours.The bridge carrying I-84 over Route 72 and 372  will still be reduced from three lanes to two lanes through August 31 of this year.

In a story from,  this piece of construction is just the tip of the iceberg in my part of the state. This work is part of a $15 million project to rehab five bridges down my neck of the woods. Drivers have been dodging lane closures and delays since April, and the projects are expected to go through late 2017.

Sigh. Another day in paradise. NOT.

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