The good old Polar Vortex is back at it again in full effect, and could dump a bunch of snow in our area just in time for Thanksgiving.

Now as with any forecast, you know it's not carved in stone. As a matter of fact, there's probably a lot of wiggle room here, but the folks at are saying that there is a chance that the Polar Vortex will strike early this year, and bring some snow for everyone to enjoy along with their turkey.

Here's the official statement from AccuWeather:

The tristate area could see a significant storm with snow, bitter cold and wind during the days prior to Thanksgiving.

The timing couldn't be worse for holiday travelers who could face slow travel and difficult driving conditions. Airline passengers may have to adjust flight times due to delays and cancellations. Here's what we could be looking at by the middle of next week. Polar air (there's that vortex) will drop southward late this week and into the coming weekend.

Long-Range AccuWeather Meteorologist, Evan Duffy, says we'll have to wait until early next week to get a better idea of what this next big system will do:

We will have to wait and see the exact storm track, but at least some travel delays can be expected across the Northeast from heavy rain, snow and some rather strong winds.

Now as I mentioned above, there's still a wait-and-see disclaimer on this Thanksgiving storm, but it's better to at least know the possibility so this way you can either alter or change your holiday travel plans.

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