There are many local ordinances that seem senseless, but this one seems to infringe on our freedom of holiday expression.

Only white Christmas lights are allowed for display in Guilford Connecticut? Really? Yes, it's true, and it begs the question -- could the Santa Police be coming for you if you go crazy with red or green or any other color Christmas lighting?

While it may not be the silliest law in all of Connecticut, it is a little repressive. There are far crazier laws in effect, for example, it's illegal to walk backwards after sunset in Devon, and in Hartford, you're not allowed to cross the street if you're walking on your hands.

Whom ever thought up these rules and regulations back in the day, was a little bit control freaky and had a wee bit too much time on their hands!

As far as my preference for a crazy Connecticut law-here goes: anyone caught listening to anything other than than  Kicks 105.5, would be in violation of Connecticut's Country Music code!