From Westchester County to Fairfield County, coyotes have become much more aggressive and are going after pet dogs and cats.From articles in the NewsTimes and the Chappaqua Patch come warnings of how coyotes are snatching up pet dogs and cats in greater numbers. A coyote was recently spotted in Stamford on Somerset Lane near Northeast Elementary School during daylight hours. In Chappaqua, NY, coyotes recently attacked a 44 and a 34 pound dog. The hamlet of New Castle, NY has even gone as far as to post an online 'Coyote Spotting Map' to track the wild animals around town. If you hear or see what you think is an aggressive coyote(s), don't hesitate to call the New Castle Police Department at 914-238-4422.

The city of Stamford has been debating whether traps should be set. A 15 year old miniature poodle was reported taken from an Eden Rd. home in Stamford after the discovery of some fur and a dog's paw. The principals' of Newfield and Northeast Elementary Schools in Stamford have kept students inside for the last couple of days due to coyote and bobcat sightings. Recently a 12 year old girl was stalked by a pack of three coyotes as she walked home from school in North Stamford. One of the three animals got within 10 feet of the girl but she was able to run the rest of the way home where she was reported OK.

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Animal experts say to make a 'big loud noise' if you should happen to spot a coyote because they scare easily. Yell, announce yourself, usually any loud noise will scare them away.