Throat tattoos are certainly forever, but, in the case of one New Milford man, at least the ink will be his only life sentence.

According to, 25-year-old David Nieman earned himself a 15 year prison sentence after being convicted of burglary and assault.

In a horrific scene that reads like a C-list gangster flick, describes an incident in late January of 2015 in which Nieman, AKA Casper, was enlisted by New Haven gang member Terguinten Fulton to shoot said gang member's "baby momma." At which point, David Nieman would be initiated into New Haven's Grape Street Crips.

Nieman told the police that after a plan to shoot the woman was in place, Fulton provided Nieman with a chrome .40 caliber handgun, and the location of his target. The shooting was to be carried out after Terguinten Fulton dropped off the mother of his children at home when she was done with her work day.

Nieman said that once he stalked the woman in her bedroom, he set his sights on the woman's face, and pulled the trigger. Then, in what could be considered a twist of fate, or a bad career move, the Smith & Wesson .40 cal didn't fire. When Terguinten Fulton gave the gun to Nieman, it was loaded, but he never chambered the bullet.

After the dry fire, a chase ensued, leaving the woman with a bullet wound in her leg outside on the porch.

While searching for someone the victim described as a white man in a dark hoodie, the New Haven police were contacted by a woman who said that not only did Nieman arrive at her home on Feb. 3, 2015 looking for place to stay, but that he told her some important details about the shooting. The woman mentioned that Nieman left his mobile phone with her, and she was able to confirm his identity through some social media account information.

On Feb. 6, 2015, the police questioned David Nieman, who waived his right to remain silent. He then filled the officers in on all of the gory details, including the fact that after knowingly dropping the victim off at home, Terguinten Fulton remained out front with the couples' three children in the car.

Since pleading guilty to assault and burglary conspiracy charges, Terguinten "QB" Fulton of New Haven now has a 25 year sentence that will be suspended after serving 10.

David Nieman's attorney made the statement that the convicted shooter was very shaken by the reality of his prison sentence.

The article was unclear as to whether or not David "Casper" Nieman was ever officially accepted into the Grape Street set.