Today, October 4, is National Golf Lover's Day and National Taco Day -- two things we really like here at the station.

Since we love golf and tacos so much, it wasn't hard to figure out a way we could combine the two. All it took was a Taco Bell run and a golf club. Yes, it was time to really bring these two things together like no one has done before.

It's been awhile since I needed to drive a taco, but you know what? You really never forget how it's done. There is great satisfaction when you hear the smack of the shell and see the insides explode all over.

So, celebrate with us today. Check out the video, and watch tacos and golf clubs meet head to head:

Here are a few places that are offering specials on this National Taco Day:

  • Taco Bell is offering Taco Day greeting cards
  • Mo's Southwest Grill on Federal Road in Brookfield is giving away free burritos when you download the coupon code from their app.
  • Agave Mexican Restaurant on Backus Ave in Danbury will be celebrating with Taco specials

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