The latest from compiled a massive list of the towns with the weirdest names in every state, and Connecticut and New York are very well represented.

Before we get to the local towns with the strangest names, here are some of the towns from around the country that made this year's list:

It's amazing how many towns in America have such ridiculous names. Like, was everyone just constantly drunk 150 years ago when these kinds of decisions were being made?

Connecticut and New York were well represented on's list. Here are some of the towns chosen:

New York:


All of the above were good choices, however I didn't understand why Mystic and Old Lyme made the list, but one of my favorites didn't. What happened to Mianus, CT? With a name like that, it just has to be on the list -- that's weird.

Speaking of Mianus, -- pause -- it's a small neighborhood in the town of Greenwich. Unlike other Greenwich neighborhoods such as Cos Cob or Old Greenwich, Mianus does not have its own ZIP code or post office. That doesn't mean, however, the town hasn't gotten some national recognition. It was actually featured in not one, but two episodes of the MTV Show Jackass.

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