We've had some pretty major issues in Connecticut with the DMV. Another one might have just been heaped onto the plate.

No one, anywhere, at almost any point in time, likes to go to the DMV. I don't care where you live, the Department of Motor Vehicles is often a time sucker.

Recently in Connecticut, the computer systems were overhauled. That was supposed to make things better. It SO did not. So much so, that the commissioner, Andres Ayala Jr., resigned over the snafu.

Now, according to a story in the courant.com, the man appointed to be the new Department of Motor Vehicles commissioner by Governor Malloy is admitting to a pretty big thing about his resume. Michael Bzdyra told a legislative committee recently that he's two courses shy of his masters degree.

Turns out that he really thought he was good to go. So much so, that the resume he's has been using for 20 years indicated that he held that Masters degree. I say, to Mr. Bzdyra, work on getting the Connecticut DMV up to snuff. Then, finish up those public affairs classes you need. Hey, if he can solve the DMV's problems, UConn should see that as completing his masters degree!

By the way, the committee overlooked his omission, and unanimously approved Michael Bzdyra's appointment yesterday.