Things you need to know on January 14.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Addressing the CT DMV backlog, Commissioner Andres Ayala Jr. said yesterday more than 30-thousand cases regarding insurance compliance have been resolved. DMV is assigning 23 staff members to handle an estimated backlog of 125-thousand vehicle titles.


  • R.I.P. Professor Snape. British actor Alan Rickman has died. The 69 year old Rickman is well known as Professor Snape in the "Harry Potter" films and for his work in the Bruce Willis action blockbuster "Die Hard" , in which Rickman played Hans Gruber.


  • Vice President Joe Biden's effort to cure cancer is getting a huge financial boost. The National Cancer Institute has just gotten more than five-point-two-billion-dollars in federal funding for the 2016. According to the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, that's the largest increase in funding since 2003.


  • Is this creepy? Google Maps update to the navigation app will include a new "driving mode" which uses location history from your device to predict where you're going. Choosing the option will automatically give you driving directions to the place the app THINKS you'll be most likely to go at that time.