You had to know it was only a matter of time before motor vehicle departments got wise to this phenomenon.

You know that the Pokemon Go craze is the hottest thing so far in the Summer of 2016.

You know that many police departments, as well as owners of private property, have issued warnings about playing the game.

You know that cell phones are a major distraction while walking and certainly while driving.

You know a boatload of people, teens and adults alike, are addicted to Pokemon Go.

Now, you should know that  the Connecticut DMV is putting out warnings to teen drivers not to play Pokemon Go while driving. They have issued a statement on their website, ctgov/, reminding teens and parents that in Connecticut, it's illegal for 16-or-17-year-olds to use any mobile device while driving.

The release says in part:

Everyone’s eyes should be glued to the road, not a game. It’s distracted driving. Eyes off the road or inattention for one second could lead to tragedy that lasts a life time.

We've seen first hand the horrors of texting and driving. Please head the warnings of the Department of Motor Vehicles about this new distraction.