Really? It's 2016 and it's way over due. 

I can't think of anyone, anywhere, whether it's Connecticut, or any other state in our Country, the hasn't had an issue with the DMV.

In the course of the last year or so in Connecticut, the upheaval and problems with the DMV is pretty legendary. You'd think the issue of long waits would have been addressed eons ago. I guess better late than never! is reporting that the Connecticut's Department of Motor Vehicles is launching an extensive review of its operations in order to reduce wait times. Our state's newest DMV Commissioner, Michael Bzdyra, says the first review will focus on services at branch offices, especially registrations and licenses.

Bzdyra had this to say to WTNH:

It is also important to acknowledge to customers that DMV is working on resolving problems, like wait times, that they find inefficient. We recently polled nearly 1,300 people seeking services in many of our branches statewide. Not surprisingly, nearly 70 percent said that wait times were too long. That 70 percent is unacceptable.

Yes sir, it is all unacceptable! Here's hoping the words become real actions and not just lip service.