This news about domestic violence shelters is sad on so many levels. For women and children and our state too.

My heart breaks about the need for so many women to seek shelter. I think for me that is what's so disturbing about this story that there's a lack of space in Connecticut's domestic violence shelters.

In a story from an advocacy group in Connecticut says that our domestic violence shelters are beyond 100% full.

According The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence shelters in Connecticut are at 125 percent of capacity. One reason is that people are staying an average of 46 days, which is 20 days longer than the average a decade ago. The numbers are staggering. Add to that, Connecticut averages 14 intimate partner homicides a year.

Karen Jarmoc, CCADV's CEO told the Hartford Courant

The number of domestic violence victims seeking safety in our emergency shelters has grown immensely over the past eight years. Our shelters were at 57 percent capacity in the 2008 fiscal year and now we're at 125 percent. These women, men and very young children have nowhere safe to go. We are continuously viewing strategies to sustain this life-saving service

I can't begin to wrap my head around violence against anyone, much less a loved one. But these numbers show how horrible it is. I also can't imagine finally making the decision to flee your home and everything you know because of severe abuse. Not only uprooting yourself but also your children.

To reach that point of desperation and need, only to be turned away because of lack of space is heartbreaking, unthinkable, and often catastrophic.

My prayer is that whatever funding is needed can find it's way to these shelters. If you are in need of help, please call 888 - 774 - 2900 or go online to Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.