Nerves can be frayed -- to say the least -- when your child cries non-stop, but there is never an excuse for hurting any child. Sadly, it does happen too often, and Connecticut is addressing that issue by launching a new program.

We all lose our temper. It's human nature. Now, add a baby or young child that can't communicate what problem they are having, other than crying non-stop, and tragedies all too often occur.

With that in mind, the state of Connecticut is launching a new campaign that seeks to prevent shaken baby tragedies.The Department of Children and Families and Office of Early Childhood have teamed up for the initiative called, appropriately, Chill Daddy.

Chill Daddy wants to educate parents about the dangers of shaking a baby and while the focus of their message is targeted towards male parents and care givers, the message bodes well for all of us. When a baby is crying incessantly you need to calm yourself, you need to chill. The Chill Daddy website offers a video as well as tips.

Kudos to DCF and the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood for their continued efforts in parenting education.