Do you plug in? Would you plug in?

I drive near two plug in stations in public spaces in the vicinity of my home. I rarely see any cars plugged in. That of course doesn't mean that there is no interest in electric cars in our state overall, I guess.

A press release from Connecticut Governor Malloy the state is making a big investment designed to help more residents to purchase electric vehicles. The state is offering a pretty decent chunk of change with well over two-million-dollars to buyers of electric cars through a rebate program. Vehicles powered by fuel cells will see the biggest rebate of five-thousand-dollars under the program. Other electric vehicles receive rebates that rise up to three-thousand-dollars, depending on the size of the battery.

In the press release Malloy said:

This rebate program puts money back into consumers’ pockets while also supporting local retailers by helping make the price of electric vehicles competitive with a conventional car. Putting more Connecticut drivers behind the wheel of an EV is what it will take to drive down harmful carbon emissions linked to climate change, reduce conventional pollutants that threaten our air quality and public health, and help motorists reduce the cost of owning and operating a car

Back when gas was around five bucks a gallon I'm sure a lot of people would jump at this chance. Question is, will you take the state up on it's offer now?