Dare I say it was only a matter of time? I'll tag that with nothing surprises me anymore. Uber as a drug delivery service. Sheesh!

This one gives new meaning to the phrase, "Baby you can drive my car."

According to thehour.com, a Bridgeport man has been accused of using the ride-hailing service, Uber, to deliver a half kilogram of cocaine to an address in Stamford.

I have so many questions. Did you lose your car? Did you lose your license? Not want to leave residue behind on your car mats? Are you not good at directions?

The Hour reports that police say investigators developed information that a large scale cocaine delivery was being made this past Saturday night. Police then pulled over the Uber car, and reportedly found two large bags of cocaine, weighing 500 grams.

The outcome? Police arrested 19-year-old Orlando Rodriguez, and he's been charged with possession of more than an ounce of narcotics with intent to sell.

Here's hoping he doesn't call Uber to make an escape.