Connecticut has more than 300 fire departments. Not only do communities rely on the numerous men and women that staff these facilities, but we also rely on the volunteer fire fighters that add to the force. Here in Connecticut, we need to expand the volunteer roster. The Everyday Hero CT campaign hopes to do just that.

Volunteerism on any level is a good thing. It's my firm belief that even if you don't volunteer on a daily basis, the act of giving yourself selflessly should be the fabric of some part of your life.

Not all of us are cut out to be volunteer firefighters, but every community across our country benefit from those that can. Sadly, right now, many of the fire departments in Connecticut are experiencing a volunteer shortage. Everyday Hero CT is a program that's dedicated to getting the numbers up across the state.

April 9th is Volunteer Firefighter Day, and it's the way that Everyday Hero CT is kicking off National Volunteer Week - April 10th - April 16th. To find out which departments in Connecticut need your help the most, or for a link to other departments throughout the state, go to