Connecticut residents are very Trump paranoid/supporters, and also curiously vain, according to an blog by They crunched the numbers on the most common questions searched on Google, and came up with a list identifying which questions were typed most frequently by each of the 50 United States.

Connecticut residents searched "Will Trump Win?", "What is the American Dream?", and "How to be Pretty?" more than any other state. I do know the answer to two of those questions. Dusty Rhodes is the American Dream, and you can be prettier by putting your phone down, stop searching online, and take a shower.

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Some of our neighboring states have puzzling queries. New Jersey residents searched "How to Stop Trump?", "Is Time Travel Possible?", and "Is Weed Bad for You?" most frequently. New Yorkers keep it real with "Where my Dogs At?", "Who Killed Biggie?", and "Am I Bisexual?" Unfortunately, I cannot help with any of those questions.

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Our Northeasterly neighbors came up with some beauties too, Rhode Island led the nation in "Is Jon Snow Alive?" searches. Massachusetts folks really want to know "How Many Beers in a Keg?", and "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" Huh? While New Hampshire clearly shows how out of the loop they are with the severely dated "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

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Some of my other favorite queries from across the US are from Florida - "Is Adultery Illegal?", Georgia - "Why are my nipples so sore?", Kentucky - "What are Jorts?", Pennsylvania - "Do Cats Fart?" and Virginia = "Why is Virginia for Lovers?"

You can't make this stuff up.