Senator Blumenthal wades into this new fray and tells big pharma to "stick it!"

Oh, what a tangled web they weave. In a story from, one senator's daughter is the CEO of Mylan, which is the company responsible for the major price gouge, another senator's daughter needs the drug, and another Senator, who helped write legislation about the use of the EpiPen in schools, is outraged by the price hike.

Just in case you didn't know, EpiPens are hand held injectors that can be life saving for people with severe allergies. Fast forward to 2013 when Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal was among many senators who backed legislation that encouraged schools to stock the EpiPen, which contains epinephrine, the drug that counters potentially fatal allergic reactions. Makes total sense to me as to why it would be so vital to have numerous doses in schools.

As time has gone on, Mylan, the company that makes the EpiPen, has increased the cost to ridiculously high amounts. I'd say shocker, but we've seen this type of gouging over and over again.

You can read the demand to lower the price that Senator Blumenthal sent to Mylan on his website. It says in part,

I was both shocked and dismayed to discover that the price of your product, which has not been improved upon in any obvious or significant way, has skyrocketed by 480% since 2009...

I demand that Mylan take immediate action to lower the price of EpiPen’s for all Americans that rely on this product for their health and safety.

Normally, I'd say sarcastically, good luck to us seeing any positive action when it involves big business and politicians. I will, however, hope for the best in this case. Then again, they can't come to common ground about gun control, so I'll stick with good luck!