We need help. People are dying at alarming rates from opioid overdoses.

Everything we can do to stop this epidemic and help people that can't help themselves with the horribleness of addiction must be done.

I say thank you to Connecticut's U.S. senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal for keeping the fight alive.

In a story from journalinquirer.com Senators Murphy and Blumenthal are demanding that Connecticut receive its full share of funding to fight opioid abuse. The request from Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy came yesterday, one day after President Obama signed a six-billion-dollar health bill.

Senator Chris Murphy had this to say in part in a press release:

Connecticut has seen over 700 drug-related deaths in just the last year. Treatment centers have months-long waiting lists and families looking for help have nowhere to turn... I made it clear today that Connecticut needs emergency funding to spare more families from the devastation of addiction

The Senators are urging the rapid distribution of funds in the bill to combat drug abuse, with Connecticut receiving priority attention. Fingers crossed and prayers said. May 2017 be the year that we see significant strides in ending this epidemic.