It's a good news/bad news scenario in Connecticut.

Drug addiction and the heroin epidemic are vile things. Story after story of ruined lives and families torn apart. Sadly, it doesn't appear to be going away any time soon, but there is a small, bright spot in this story.

In a press release from the office of Governor Dan Malloy, he praises Connecticut State Police for their efforts to save people suffering from drug overdoses with the following message:

Connecticut's state troopers are among the best in the nation, and this is proof positive that their dedication to the residents of this state is having a lasting impact

The press release goes on to report that over the weekend, a state trooper saved a person who was overdosing in Woodbury with use of the antidote drug Narcan. That save marked the 100th successful use of the anti-overdose drug. Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman had this to say:

Giving first responders access to Narcan - and the training to use it - saves lives

Personally, I'm praying for the day I can write about the end of the horror of addiction.