Things you need to know on January 11.

Thanks to Metro News Source for the following.

  • A New Milford woman died after her car rolled down a boat ramp and into Lake Lillanonah in Bridgewater around noon Saturday. 46-year-old Ewa Bielska woman was rushed to Danbury Hospital, but was pronounced dead a short time after arrival.


  • Connecticut is hoping to get help from it's residents to help uncover fraud, waste and abuse in state government. A new web site provides residents with a way to report suspected fraud in tax filings, health care, workers compensation and more.The web site is


  • Tributes to David Bowie are pouring in this morning after the singer-songwriter's death. British Prime Minister David Cameron says Bowie was a genius. Bowie died yesterday after an 18-month battle with cancer. Bowie turned 69 on Friday.


  • Whether you drive a Ford or not, you're going to want to check this out.
    Ford will launch FordPass this April
    and anyone can use it.The smartphone app will help with parking and other services, provide live assistants on chat or voice, and offer reward-based programs with companies that partner with Ford.


  • Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion is up for sale, and Hef wants to stay!  TMZ reports the house is on the market with one provision -- Hugh gets to live there until he dies. Another condition is that Hef's bedroom is off limits, even for prospective buyers touring the mansion.