I could barely contain my excitement when I found this information. The glasses I'm holding may be a thing of the past.

It's a wine drinkers nightmare! Spilling even a drop of the precious beverage. If you've met me, you know I love my wine. You also know I talk with my hands, and that can be a problem when I smack the glass. But knocking over my glass aside, this is trendsetting information to say the least.

Enter a Danbury couple that have seemingly found the solution.

In a story reported in newstimes.com, Danbury residents Keven and Ankana Carpenter have created what they are calling the Aura Glass, a stemless and spill-proof wineglass.

Ankana Carpenter had this to say about the project to the NewsTimes:

We had to try a lot of different things with the weight and shape of the glass and the weight of the ball. There’s more science and engineering than meets the eye.

The Carpenter's creation uses a stainless steel ball as its stem. So, there is the sweet bonus that the Aura wineglasses continuously aerates the wine.

Take a look at the invention . This is from their KickStarter campaign.

My stemmed glasses may soon be a thing of the past, and, as you can also see from the Aura Glass Gallery, they work well for other spirits too.

I love clever, innovative people, so cheers and best of luck to Keven and Ankana Carpenter.