For fans of the Great Danbury Fair and Racearena, your wish has come true!

For the first time ever, you can now show your appreciation, enjoyment, and support for part of Danbury's treasured past by slipping on a brand new t-shirt or hoodie in remembrance of the Danbury Racearena. These items have finally been made available by Don and Jennifer Miller, the owners of the  Danbury Fair and Racearena Facebook Page that's been created to give all the fans a chance to purchase memorabilia which includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, custom mugs, and signage. Their business is a non-profit and their mission is to collect and preserve and to give the fans an opportunity to own a piece of the Danbury Fair and Racearena. Click this link to order. 

The Danbury Racearena was a paved 1/3 mile oval track and you had to arrive at the track early to be guaranteed a seat because it wasn't unusual for attendance to reach between 7,000 to 10,000 race fans. Don LaJoie was a 9-time track champ and was voted the most popular driver 6 times.

Photo Courtesy of Danbury Fair and Racearena FB Page

The late Paul Baker, the Racearena's track announcer for 24 years told the News Times back in September of 2012, "It was the greatest sports event in Danbury's history!" I know that many would agree.

Chick Stockwell 7 x18 inch Window/Wall Stickerq

To check out their FB page, click this link and to see what Danbury Fair and Racearena memorabilia they have to offer, click on

Photo Courtesy of Danbury Fair and Racearena FB Page...