For the first time ever, the Danbury Volunteer Firemen's Association has announced dates for a second carnival this year.

Every April the Danbury Volunteer Firemen's Association has their annual carnival, and every April rain and chilly weather plays a major factor in the success of the carnival. This year the weather was just too much for the carnival's organizers to handle so they are going to do it again, and hopefully it will be warmer and drier.

In a post from their Facebook page, the DVFA announced late last week that a second carnival will take place this year due to bad weather during their first go round in April.

The 'Summer Carnival' will take place at the same location between Best Buy and Lowe's Home Improvement, on Eagle Road in Danbury from Wednesday July 3rd through Sunday July 7th.

Here are the carnival's hours of operation:

July 3rd 6pm-10pm
July 4th 6pm- 10pm
July 5th 6pm- 10pm
July 6th noon- 10pm
July 7th noon- 5pm

Closing times are subject to change depending on weather and attendance .

Since all proceeds go to the DVFA, they are hoping the added dates and warmer weather should provide a much better experience for people attending.

Here's what some of the people who have attended the Carnival in the past had to say about it on the DVFA Facebook page: