I grew up in a very Italian family. I am first generation American. In fact, my parents were both from the same little town right in the middle of the Italian boot called Tagliacozzo. Trust me, the name is bigger than the town. Tagliacozzo is in Abruzzo, Italy which is about 50 miles east of Rome. My grandparents, my aunts, uncles and even two of my first cousins were born in that same town.

Before Kindergarten, I didn't even know that you could be anything but Italian. Then, when I started school, I really didn't know there was any other type of food except Italian. Dinner at a friends house meant amazing stuff like macaroni and cheese, pierogies, egg noodles, chow mein. Wow! Lots of different meals that didn't always end in a vowel.

This is why I love events like our International Beer and Food Festival. It's like a party where we can celebrate the differences that make us bond. Not only will we have amazing food and beer, there are some amazing live bands on the schedule for this awesome event. Want more info? How about some tickets?

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