The GOP Presidential Straw Poll for the Greater Danbury area was recently held in Brookfield, according to the NewsTimes, where voters gave Donald Trump the nod.Trump snagged 36% of the 73 ballots cast in Brookfield beating Marco Rubio 26 to 15. With two weeks to go until the Iowa caucus, this unofficial straw poll indicates that Greater Danbury area Republicans are leaning towards Trump as their candidate.

Brookfield GOP Chairman, Matt Grimes echoed the sentiments from many potential voters by saying, "I think Trump is attracting people who are fed up and angry. He's also a non-politician and he's not beholden to anybody."

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Many politicians spoke at the Brookfield site including state rep, Steven Harding, Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, Sherman First Selectman, Clay Cope, and U.S. Senate candidate, August Wolf. The general consensus from most of the speakers was that no matter which Republican candidate eventually came out on top, "the party needed to unite around the nominee, come Election Day."

I've been saying this from day one, and I understand it's a vast over-simplification, but until our two major political parties are able to change their absolutist way of thinking and come to some sort of compromise on some of our major issues, no matter who's elected, whether it be Trump or Clinton, Cruz or Sanders, Bush or Rubio, no one political party will be able to "fix it."

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