The owner of a package store in Danbury will have to answer to the State Liquor Commission after a recent investigation from the Danbury Police Department's Special Victims Division.

According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, Heidi Salcedo, the 35-year-old owner of Kenny's Wine and Spirits was issued a summons for allegedly selling alcohol to underage teens from Danbury and Brookfield.

Danbury Police conducted undercover surveillance of the Federal Road store after receiving several tips from area residents that employees of Kenny's were selling alcohol to teengers. Many of the tips indicated that Kenny's was the go-to location if you were underage and wanted to purchase alcohol.

Over a two and a half hour time period, officers witnessed several underage teens entering the store and leaving with purchased alcohol.These teens were later picked up by police, issued infractions, had their parents notified, and had their alcohol seized. Police say that they found fake IDs claiming two of the kids were over 21-years-old that had been used for the purchase.

Police entered Kenny's Wine and Spirits and confronted Salcedo and another employee, who were believed to have made the illegal sales. Heidi Salcedo will now be referred to the liquor commission, and if the illegal sale is proven, further police action will be enforced.

The most alarming aspect of the whole situation is that it according to police, several of the teenagers were warned by a store employee that Police were in the area when they were sold the alcohol.