A Danbury man has been charged with breach of peace, threatening, assault, and failure to comply following an incident on Tuesday evening (June 21).

At about 6:37 PM, Danbury police responded to a report that a highly intoxicated and belligerent man was trying to start a fight on Fairview Drive.

When the officers arrived, they identified Paul Arbitelle, who, according to the NewsTimes, had two previous altercations that were consistent with the suspect's violent nature. One of which, was considered a racially motivated attack, and the other also involved fighting with police.

Apparently, Arbitelle was at the Fairview Drive home just to speak to one of the residents, but the situation quickly took a turn for the worst as he began screaming, and eventually took a swing at the man. When the DPD approached Arbitelle, he was immediately on guard and positioned himself into a fighting stance.

As soon as the officers told him that they were placing him under arrest, Arbitelle tried to break free by kicking one officer, and attempting to bite another.

Once the officers transported him to the police station, Arbitelle remained unruly, and refused to partake in the booking process, adding the failure to comply charge to the others.

He was held on a $50,000 bond, and then remanded into custody by Parole.