Looks like the Pokémon Go craze is here to stay for the time being, and Mayor Mark has something to say about it.

Since the recent craze, Pokémon trainers have been hitting up all of the local Pokestops in the area, including the Danbury War Memorial at Rogers Park in Danbury, and Boughton is none too happy with it.

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    Don't Play Alone

    Have another person with you to help keep a look out for potential dangers. Dangers can not only be your immediate landscape surroundings, but strangers who may try and lure the player to a secluded location.

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    Be Aware and Respectful

    Stay in areas you are familiar with, and don't trespass on private property. Respect other people's privacy. We do not consider playing Pokemon Go to be appropriate decorum on cemetery and memorial grounds.

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    Don't Drive and Play

    Never play Pokemon Go while operating a motor vehicle. Under Connecticut’s cell phone and texting law, violations involve heavy fines, ranging from $150 for a first offense, $300 for a second violation, and $500 for each subsequent violation.