Back on Oct.,12, The Hour ran an article where Mayor Mark Boughton asked Danbury residents to begin water conservation measures.

The Mayor asked Danbury residents to:

1. Use brooms and blowers to blow off deck                                                                       2. Repair leaks in plumbing and fixtures                                                                               3. Run only full loads in the washer and dishwasher                                                             4. Don't leave water running while washing hands and brushing teeth                                 5. Install low flow toilets

According to the Department of Public Health (DPH), Commissioner Dr. Raul Pino signed off on the order for a temporary 30 day emergency water supply emergency. Danbury's emergency water reserves comes from Lake Kenosia. So what does this emergency crisis mean for Danbury residents? Watering lawns will be forbidden during the 30 day water emergency.


Kenosia Lake, Danbury's Emergency Water Reserves - Google Instant Streetview

These are the times when I'm relieved we have a private well in our backyard in the backwoods of New Fairfield. The last time I went to check on it, a huge weed was growing out of the cover. Maybe I should have the water tested every once in awhile to make sure there are no carcinogens or poopy in there. Those are the disadvantages of having well water. Then there's that running out of water thing. One of these days, Mindy and I should think about moving into civilization.