According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, the Citizen Police Academy in Danbury will begin its summer-fall courses this upcoming September.

Starting September 13th, the Danbury Police Department will be holding its Citizen Police Academy. No, it's not what you're thinking. This course isn't meant to turn citizens into police officers, rather it is to help the community develop a basic understanding of what the Danbury Police Department is trained to do.

There will be topics such as Laws of Arrest, Penal Codes, and role playing activities to give academy members a hands on experience. The Citizens Police Academy is opened to business owners in the city of Danbury, residents of the city of Danbury and open to persons who work withing the city.

The Danbury Police Department is hoping that the public and police can form a partnership where the citizens become advocates for the criminal justice system and that they, the police, have a better understanding of community matters.

To sign up for this course check out the CPA Application. This course is held only twice a year Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall and there are a limited amount of seats available (25). The Citizens Police Academy runs every Tuesday starting September 13th until November 22nd.