Two decorated city police officers have been promoted to the position of Police Detective today (Oct. 11). As shown in the photo above, Detective John Rudisill and Detective Robert Perun were both sworn in at 10:00 AM this morning in the City Council Chambers, being ranked respectively as number one and number two on the current Police Detective eligibility list.

Detective Perun was a New Fairfield police officer for three years before joining the Danbury force in February of 2001, and according to the DPD, has held numerous additional positions during his tenure including being a member of the city's Community Affairs Unit, a field training officer, a member of the Honor Guard, and evidence technician. A letter of recommendation to the City Council from Mayor Mark D. Boughton says that:

Throughout his career, Officer Perun has received several letters of appreciation and commendation including special recognition in September 2088; a Meritorious Citation on July 2010; and a Unit Citation in May 2013.

Also promoted today was Detective Rudisill, who's been a Danbury officer since February 2006, and has been an evidence technician since July of 2012. He is a Patrol Rifleman, and a member of the Crisis Intervention team. In his letter of recommendation, Mayor Boughton had this to say about Detective Rudisill:

Officer Rudisill's accomplishments and contributions speak to his dedication to the Department and City for which he serves. I am proud and honored to submit his confirmation for promotion.

Many congratulations and well-wishes to both newly minted Detectives as they move forward into the next chapter of their incredible service to the City of Danbury. We are lucky to have gentlemen such as these at the forefront of our community.